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Make Informed
Data-Driven Investment Decisions

Advanced stock research & comparison platform.
100% customizable, institutional-grade data, easy to use.
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Why Tickergate?

Our platform is designed to help deep-thinking investors prioritize insights over noise to make better choices and find opportunities faster.

100% Customizeable(Soon)

Tailor your research based on any criteria and metrics, or use our ready-to-use templates. No excel sheet or code is needed.

Institutional-Grade Data

Get a comprehensive high quality and curated database the institutions use for informed decision-making, and effective risk management.

Easy to Use

Simple & intuitive tables, filters, and dashboards to help you shorten research time, and separate insights from noise.

Tickergate All-In-One

Advanced Stocks Research & Comparison (Soon)

Get comprehensive stock information, and compare stocks based on customized data tables and chart templates.

Deep Industry & Thematic Research (Soon)

Track the latest industry trends, discover new investment ideas early, and benchmark stocks within specific segments.

Institutions & ETF Analysis (Soon)

Conduct position comparisons within funds, analyze the trading activity of institutions and get insights into their views on markets and individual stocks.

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Comprehensive stock pages, include revenue breakdown (product & geography), analyst forecasts, ownership analysis, and more.


Metrics (Soon)

Customize your comparison based on your personal needs. No excel sheets or code are needed.


Templates (Soon)

Choose from our ready-to-use tables and charts templates for your specific requirements.

CreateCustomizedTables & Dashboards

Create your powerful comparison on the Tickergate platform.

User-friendly dashboards

Data point/Chart customization

Export data (Soon)

15 Years Historical Data

Institutional positions

Advanced table metrics

Pre-made comparison templates

Insights generator

Analysts database

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Tickergate is an advanced stock research & comparison platform for informed data-driven investment decisions. 100% customizable, institutional-grade data, easy to use.





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