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Tickergate is designed to help you cut through the data noise and find the needle in the haystack faster.

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Create data tables that meet your unique needs. Select from 1K+ metrics and up to 15 years of history to construct tables that resonate with your research objectives.

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Unviel new investment opporunities early, and stocks unders the radar. Compare stocks relative within the themes and build your own peronal views accordin to your specific requirements.

Research Stocks With Ease

Understand any business quickly. Analyze metrics suchs as company revenue segments & KPIs, analyst forecast, transcripts, filings, dividend history, ownership structure, and more.

Top Lists Gainers

NameStocksChange %
eVTOL Stocks85.76%
EV Charging Stocks102.60%
Sports Betting Stocks110.79%
Digital Banking Stocks90.54%
Lithium Stocks80.47%

Top Lists Losers

NameStocksChange %
Uranium Stocks3-1.49%
Peer to Peer Lending Stocks4-0.98%
Crypto Stocks27-0.95%
5G Stocks17-0.88%
Semiconductor Stocks89-0.88%